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Proper Management of the Bodoc-Baraolt Mountains, Ciocaș -Vițelului Hills and Ciomad-Balvanyos

Project presentation

Project presentation-


Proper Management of the Bodoc-Baraolt Mountains, Ciocaș -Vițelului Hills, Apa Roșie Peat Bog Apa Lină-Honcsok Peat Bog, Upper Olt, Râul Negru, Ciomad-Balvanyos and Mestecănișul de la Reci Protected Areas is a nature protection project, and will be the biggest investment of its kind in Covasna County.

The project’s beneficiary is Covasna County Council and is funded by the EU through the Sectorial Operational Programme Environment 2007-2013, Priority Axis 4 “Implementation of Adequate Management Systems for Nature Protection”

The total budget of the project is 13.109.626,16 lei, from which eligible costs 9.895.789,52 lei plus 2.311.465,60 lei VAT. The ineligible costs of 733.307 lei plus 169.064,04 lei VAT will be supported by the Covasna County Council.  

The overall objective of the project is the protection and preservation of biodiversity and the natural heritage trough the proper management of the protected areas administered by Covasna County Council, and realization of a public oriented infrastructure in order to ensure the local community’s and the visitors access to information on the natural values and thus contributing to their sustainable development.

This project ensures the development of five management plans for five Nature 2000 protected areas - Ciocaș -Vițelului Hills, Apa Roșie Peat Bog, Upper Olt, Râul Negru, and Mestecănișul de la Reci – from the county and it will be realized an inventory of 65 protected animal and plant species and 11 habitats. A team of biologists will carry on an inventory, mapping and evaluation of the conservation status of the species listed at national and Community level, and will establish proper management measures in order to assure the preservation of these species and their habitats. The land and forest owners from these areas will have the opportunity to express their opinion regarding these measures.

An important part of this project is the information of the public and awareness raising, the presentation of the management plans to the inhabitants, and showing them that the use of modern technologies in agriculture and forestry has a great impact on the natural environment and special measures are needed in order to protect it. 

Duration of the project is 21 months, between April 2014 and December 2015. 

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