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Proper Management of the Bodoc-Baraolt Mountains, Ciocaș -Vițelului Hills and Ciomad-Balvanyos

Bodoc-Baraolt Mountains

Bodoc-Baraolt Mountains Natura2000 Site ROSPA0082

The site is a Natura 2000 protected area since 2007 and covers entirely the Baraolt Mountains and partly the Bodoc Mountains, 70% of the area consisting of forests, in-between them are meadows and a few extensively cultivated agricultural lands. All these habitats are ideal nesting areas for raptors and blacks storks, and several other species characteristic for beech forest. The Special Protection Area hosts important population of 21 European bird species, almost all of them nesting in this area, except the red-footed falcon and the ferruginous duck, which only pass by through the place. Also, the site preserves nine at EU level endangered species which are the following: lesser spotted eagle, European honey buzzard, Ural owl, black stork, grey-headed woodpecker, white-backed woodpecker, black woodpecker, collared flycatcher, red-breasted flycatcher.


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